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What Causes my Allergic Reaction?

This is probably a hormonal issue - for years now, since my first pregnancy 30 years ago, I have had hive outbreak reactions to many medications.  The worst reaction is to Prednisone, but I also react to anything that stimulates my metabolism.   The most recent on was to the new acia berry extract!  How ridiculous is that??  I also have the same reaction to naprosyn, but I can take naproxen sodium (Aleve) just fine.  

I am menopausal, but when I was having menstrual cycles, I sometimes would break out at certain times during the month when hormonal levels would change.  

Any idea what chemical or hormone might cause my reactions?  The main thing that worries me is my allergy to steroids because they treat SO many illness with those.  


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Allergy to steroids is rare.  Allergy to any drug must be distinguished from other adverse effects of the drug.

While you might be allergic to Naprosyn, you may be responding to an additive or inactive ingredient.

The hives may or may not be related to hormones. Now that you are postmenopausal the hives are unlikely to be related to estrogen or progesterone.

You should work with a board certified allergist to determine the cause of these reactions. Good luck.
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hi .this could be eny number of things. i hope you get better ...take care

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