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Wheat Allergy Question

My 15 month old underwent an 8 tray food allergy test on Monday and it showed up positive for wheat allergies. I took him off all wheat/gluten products and within 24 hours he seemed better. His face has been red for 7 months and it was finally clear. Now, today, his face is more red than ever before and his bottom is BRIGHT red and bleeding from an apparent diaper rash. He  has had no BM or diarrhea at all, just the redness and bleeding. I called the allergist's office and they were pretty confident that his symptoms were unrelated to the testing or from with-holding of wheat products, but I'm unsure of that. He's never, ever had a diaper rash. Period. And for this to be so extreme, I feel that something is not right! Is it possible that the removal of these products (or maybe something in the testing) could be causing this reaction?

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The worsening problems you describe are very unlikely to be secondary to withholding wheat products but possibly could be secondary to what you have substituted for the wheat.  You might want to check with the allergist on the food allergy test response to what you are now giving him.  The flare-up of his facial redness and redness of his bottom probably are not secondary to the testing but might be a delayed reaction.  You should ask the allergist about this possibility.   Whatever the cause, what has happened is worrisome and deserves reevaluation by either the allergist or his primary care doctor, without delay.  He should be examined now, when the lesions are still “fresh”, as this response may provide clues as to the underlying cause and its treatment.

Wheat is a potent allergen and, once you have excluded it from his diet, you should be very careful not to re-introduce it, without close communication with his doctors.

Good luck
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Nevermind! He's better today...must have been a fluke.
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