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his is a question regarding  allerrgy test  my mother three months back had done her allergy test thats EIA  her ige levels were 436 KUL this was in january

now she had to go for allergy test thats just ige which is ige serum her ige is 1800

my question to you is what does kul stand for as docs have told s  per kul =100 thats last time it was 436"100m  i mean its  43600

is 436 kul better or ige 1800 better

please suggest
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There is no better or worse as both values are abnormal.  One would need to know if the values given were for total serum IgE or antigen-specific IgE such as for a single food in both instances..

In addition you would need to know the normal value range for each of these.  Otherwise you would have a comparison between “apples and oranges.”  Your best bet would be pose this question to her PCP or allergist.  Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Good luck
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