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insect bite reaction

My 3 year old son has had an allergic reaction from chigger bites on his genital area and it swelled massively.  The swelling has since gone down but he still has the itchyness. I apply some hydrocortisone To the area with the bite marks.  As I was doing so he told me he had some pain in his penis so I checked the area with the bites and nothing bothered him. But I check the tip of his penis and it seemed a little purpleish blue. Could that be due to the swelling? Because when it swelled it turned the same color. Any help or advise is much appreciated!
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Your nicely detailed question is outside my area of expertise but I would be concerned enough about what sounds like a complication (“massive swelling.”) to seek medical advice from your son’s pediatrician or other primary care physician.  It could be purplish blue secondary to the swelling but, at the same time, it may be a complication that would require additional therapy, especially since your son is experiencing pain of the penis.

Good luck
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