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mild asthma caused by allergies and beta blocker


I've had bad sinus problems, which my doctors have discovered that my dust mite alllergy is a huge contributing factor to.  I've been getting allergy shots and started a regimin of xyzal and singulair at night. (i was also diagnosed with asthma... which i enver noticed i had. I've always been very active most of my life and i think i was just used to breathing not as full capacity) anyhow, i take a puff of symbicort 1x a day usally have my rescue inhaler just in case. never really had to use it.  

anyhow, my sinus and asthma probelms seem to be getting better.  

now, i also have a bad fear of public speaking, something i have to do a lot with at my job.  so i take 20mg propranolol 1/2 hr beofre.... maybe 5-10x a month.  

after my own researh, i was shocked to find that inderal can trigger asthma attacks.  i asked my allergist about it and she didnt seem too concerned... as my tests are saying i dont even have asthma anymore since starting the treatment. then, she also retested me the morning after i took inderal (the breathing test) and it was good results.  my 1st QUESTION is:  is this true? can i feel assured its ok to occasionally take a small dose of inderal?

today i took inderal at about 1230pm, 20mg.  i tried to go for a run at 7pm, not thinking, and it was soo hard i had to stop! (i normallly can run well). my muscles felt like i couldnt move.  i cmae home and took my peak meter test and actually scored on the very high end... so i'm apparanetly breathing okay.  can inderal cause my muscles to feel like jello? (theres no otehr reasion i should feel like this)  if so, then why was my breathing test ok? should i not do cardio after taking inderal? if so, for how long?

thank you!!
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It is true that propranalol can induce brochospasm in some individuals who have asthma and these will be perceived as “asthma attacks.”  However, your description of your experience while running last paragraph suggests that the factor limiting your exercise tolerance was muscle weakness (“muscles …feel like jelly”), rather than respiratory distress, secondary to asthma.  That your peak flow reading was at the “very high end”, would support that interpretation.  

Transient “weakness” has been reported as a rare side effect of Inderal.  Another side effect to be considered is the effect of Inderal on heart rhythm, specifically bradycardia, a condition in which the heart rate does not increase with exercise, as is the normal response.

You should discuss these possibilities with your doctor.  You ask, can you take the drug occasionally?  It would be wise to seek your doctor’s opinion on this and perhaps check your heart rate with exertion.  Your reason for taking the drug is to relieve anxiety for a short period of time.  This can be accomplished by using a short acting preparation of the drug, the effects of which should normally last only 4-6 hours and avoid long-acting preparations.

Good luck
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