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hey, i am allergic to a lot of medications and constantly battle sinus problems. about 3 weeks i noticed a sun burn like rash on my stomach and sides and a little under the left side of my chest along with a sore throat. I went to the doctors he said it was a throat infection, took the med he gave me , the cold went away but the rash did not. I went back he gave me zyrtec and prednisone 7 day dose. the rash basically cleared but i had dry skin on my sides that would go away with moisturizer, the 7 day prednisone ran out and i went out 2 nights this week in a row out of town drinking and my sore throat/green mucus is back and the water there seemed hard(sulffor smell),dog hair(i'm allergic to dogs), and the weather was warm in the day and windy,(70 degrees ish) and then down to 45 or colder both nights we went. anyways the red rash started acting up while out on the golf course, back on the stomach but not that bad, but on the small of my back and butt, the back of my right thigh and knee and red bumps on my forearms where the sun was, and my lips were dried out. and dry skin on my feet(i wore shoes without socks) i know without seeing the rash there is no clear diagnosis but it's just become quite annoying and would like to get this taken care of. i will be back at the docs this thursday for a check up. any ideas as to what this could be?
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ps. the rash isn't itchy at all but the dryness has made me skin a little tight, and my 8 year old nephew also had the same rash..(he lives at our house like 4 days of the week) and his did not itch either. and there have been no new soaps. they say this is a terrible allergy season
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