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2 1/2 year old boy with persistant cough for 4 weeks

There is no wheezing.  The cough is constant with no fever and no sputum.  He has recieved pertussis immuization.  He coughs so much he vomits.  There is conflict of doctor opinion regarding asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, and pertussis since this started just after his last immunization and the immunization might not have been effective.
He is fighting the mask for asthma so much it seems it will do him no good.
What is your advice regarding diagnosis and treatment?
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You can check with your dr but what we did at that age was buy a really cute face mask in the shape of an animal and I did the nebs while my daughter was asleep.  Sorry this is going on for you andyour son -- pls. keep us posted.

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I gave my daughter Pankaja Kashuri. Pankaja Kasthuri is made from an unique combination of natural herbs by a special process in a manufacturing unit which strictly conforms to good manufacturing practices. Pankaja Kasthuri works on expanding the bronchioles and helps to uniform air circulation in the lungs. Pankaja Kasthuri has also been used effectively to treat allergic bronchitis, eosinophilia, wheezing, chronic and persistent coughs , continuous sneezing, breathing disorders, sinus, phlegm and common cold.

After taking 6 jars of Pankaja Kasthuri continuosly, she was asthma free.
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