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Allergic asthma Can't find the allergy

Been fighting this for 3 years now and multiple doctors have told me they are not sure what it is but are just guessing it's allergic asthma and that as far as they go.

I have been coughing 3 years now but I have to forcefully huff cough to clear my chest. I get constant or flaring sinus irritation, fatigue, head pressure, brain fog, feel faint and then sometimes I feel feverish when the asthma flare happens. I also have issues where I feel spacy after eating. I have GERD which is being treated I'm allergic to grass and almost every tree, dust and animal my allergist says but the test sheet does not show elevated results on a few he says. Also taking singular, pantroprazol, Claritin and flovent. My allergy test from 2014 to my current one shows my allergies increased and I developed increased allergies to existing allergies and got a few more.

I had a pulmonologist perform a lung function test and everything came back perfect. But whenever the doctors listen to my lungs they say they sound clear. Which makes no sense to me since I'm constantly coughing. I have currently went gluten free and tried to cut out all cross reactive foods related to grass. I can't find a time of day when symptoms get worse or not it's random.

I think I'm cursed this all started randomly when I turned 24...
Anyone have any ideas why none of these meds work or what this could possibly be?

I also swear the flovent makes my breathing worse after a few days of taking it. It also gives me chest pain that feels like my chest is bubbling or some kind of discomfort. I'm not even taking the full dose!!
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Do you live in Texas? Many who never had allergies come to Texas and bam! It’s coughing, wheezing, runny nose Ect.  Sometimes switching up your allergy meds can do the trick. As the only ones that work for me are Zyrtec and singular. I also use advair 500/50 when I have a flair or during my worst time of the year for me (April-may). But that cough is the frigging worst I have to get prescribe opioids for the cough at night just so I can sleep. I hope you have found your answer as I am responding to a old post.
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