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Asthma Diagnosis symptoms

I went on a 35 minute hard run on July 13, 2009.  Immediately after, I had trouble breathing and sat down for a bit, felt light headed and my throat was very dry.  I almost felt like feinting.  After 10 minutes I drove home while putting on the AC, which some how made things a bit worse.  The following day, I had constant post nasal drip, and my throat was very dry.  I had difficulty swallowing anything, and needed water or liquids.  The cold or humid dry air began to be troublesome for me.  It set a panic in me for about a week.  Since that day, I have had a web type feeling in my chest, and my sinusus have become very stuffed.  I went to see my doctor, and he told me I had exercise induced asthma.  He gave me albuturol, and a nose spray, but that never helped much.  I returned 4-5 times because it felt uncomfortable, and the other doctors said that I had asthma.  I had a chest x-ray, which looked good.  I then went to an alleregist, and he told me I didn't have asthma, but it was due to anxiety, but I did have a few allergies.  I was then sent to a pulmonologist, and he said I might or might not have asthma.  I finally went back to my primary doctor, and he said it was most likely due to stress.  I walked away depressed and frustrated at their answers.  I continue to have symptoms daily, but no solutions.  Cold air, warm air and smoke trigger the feeling in my chest and nose.  During the night I sleep ok, but once I get upright, my chest slowly feels pressure coming on.  I would like to know if you think this is the correct diagnosis, or is it something else.  What can i use other than albuturol, which made me shaky and bad.  I have jogged and exercised all my life and never felt this wayt.  Can anyone help me with any suggestions?  Thanks  Milmasacaras
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Having no symptoms at night is not typical of asthma.  Look into hyperventalation syndrome (even if you feel you aren't anixety) and vocal chord dysfunction.  VCD mimics the symptoms of asthma but doesn't response to albuterol.  

There is a test called the methacholine challenge test that looks at the reactivate of the airways.  

You didn't say what your allergies were or if the pulmonologist did any pulmonary function tests on you.  
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