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Asthma and MS

Can more frequent exacerbations of asthma despite good compliance with medication regime be a subtle indicator of MS if it coinsides with other symptoms of MS such as muscle weakness, bladder control etc?
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It is believed that some diseases such as diabetes, asthma and multiple sclerosis (MS) are related to an imbalance in the ratio of type 1 to type 2 helper T-cells involved in immune processes.  An imbalance may cause increased frequency of one disease and decreased frequency of another.  A reduced prevalence of asthma, thought to be a predominantly type 2 helper T-cell (Th2)-mediated disease, has been reported in a population with type 1 diabetes, which is associated with a predominance of type 1 helper T-cells (Th1) cells.

This all suggests that, if anything, worsening of the multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms may be associated with a reduction in asthma symptoms and frequency.
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