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Asthma and coughing

When I have an asthma attack I dont wheeze I only cough is this normal becuase one Doctor told me that I probley dont have asthma and another told me for sure I do but I dont wheeze and when I do have an attack that requires the ER they listen to my lungs and say "well I dont hear anything but you are not moving much air"
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wheezing is a hallmark sign of asthma, dont know much about yours but i do wheeze. maybe you want to get yourself checked by another specialist to determine what's causing the coughing and shortness of breath IF it's not asthma. i must say symptoms vary amongst people! some people dont even cough!

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I really do have asthma I had that methocolin (sp) test and apparently if you dont have asthma you dont have a reaction to the test and I did
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Coughing is the only symptom of asthma for some people. You can view the american lung associations website for losts of asthma related topics. www.lungusa.org/ They also make devices called peak meters that you can see your oxygen levels at home to keep peace of mind.
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I'm like you, no wheezing but I too have asthma for as long as I can remember. I just cough and get tons of mucous with exacerbations. My chest is silent, but I also have no air movement when the asthma is bad. I've done the methacoline challenge test to confirm my asthma. I wouldn't worry about the lack of wheezing. It's only a bother if you see another doctor who is not familiar with people like us who don't wheeze.

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I have had a cough only when I talk- it's so annoying. I have no other symptoms- yet every time I talk it happens. I can go all night without coughing once. I am going to have a pulmonary something test next week to see if it might be asthma.I have had this for over a month
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I have cough variant asthma and, like you, it was confirmed by a methacholine challenge test. I have a dry, racking cough and it can be triggered by fragrances, odors, smoke, physical exertion, stress, talking too much, weather extremes,  or laughing. I have a pulmonologist and was also seen by an asthma specialist at the Lung Center and they all confirmed it as cough variant asthma. I also didn't wheeze initially but sometimes I do now. My situation is much improved since being put on symbicort, zyflo, and haing my nebulizer handy. Hope you can get some relief soon.
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Like you, I often get coughing as my major symptom of asthma. I have learned, however, that I also get wheezing, I just can't hear it, but others tell me they can hear it, plus the gasping for air when I'm walking or talking or (God forbid) trying to do both at once. I hope you feel better and find your coughing/asthma easier to control. Aloha
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