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Asthmatic but allergic to asthma medicines?

I have an asthma that could occur for more than once per day. But I am allergic to asthma medications, such as inhalers and a local asthma medicine called "asma soho" (that contains Ephedrine hydrochloride and Theophylline). I do yoga 1-3 times a week, yet the asthma still occurs regularly. What should I do?
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Watch inactive ingredients present - all of the dickus medications (advair, ventolin etc) have lactose as a carrier for the medication.  You might be reacting to that and not the medication, switching to the HFA inhaler version would help that (or vice versa).

If is VERY unlikely you are allergic to every single medication for asthma because there is a lot of differing types and specific meds.  You might want to talk to a pharmicist for less common alternatives if your doctor is having trouble - they may not know of the other alternatives.
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Every time I use inhaler or consume asthmatic medications, my body starts to itch, fever, and my body got red
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Hello ahsas,

How do you know you are allergic to asthma medication? If you are
asthmatic, you need to be on some sort of asthma medication as the
asthma can get worse. See your family doctor asap. I have asthma
and I have two kinds of asthma medication that I have to take daily.
The ones I take are called Pulmicort ( 2 x a day) and Bricanol as needed.
Don't fool around with asthma. Go to your family doctor and get
looked at, get evaluated for the proper asthma meds. Good luck. Eve
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