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Being switched from your asthma medicine to Wixela by Mylan Pharma

First of all, let me advise that if you are a young person, please be cautious of letting yourself be put on Cordisteroid inhalers such as symbicort and advair. Once you have been on those inhalers getting off of them is life-threatening. I never really believed that I had severe asthma but had been put on advair many years ago. Recently I was switched from advair to Wixela as a generic replacement. After only two Puffs off of this I began coughing. I researched Mylan pharmaceutical and the reviews were very poor. I also read the reviews of people who had been switched to this generic and people were really suffering. I told my doctor I would not take it. Her mistake was not looking into it to see why I was switched. If your doctor does not put on your prescription to give you only your name brand, the pharmacy will automatically switch you to the generic. But know that you do have the choice to ask to not be given a generic. People are suffering with this garbage medication. I do blame my doctor for not looking into why or how it was switched and allowing me to just go without. I spent the next 3 months going through Albuterol inhalers and albuterol in my nebulizer. And also then Budesonide in my nebulizer. Nothing helped. I was having near-death experiences trying to get to the nebulizer to open up my air passages. I finally called my pharmacy to find out why I did not get my advair and it turned out that I could still get it and my price was the same as always with my medicare. After just one day I was immediately on the mend. I'm on day three and it's like night and day I am getting well. I am posting this as a warning to not allow your pharmacy to take it upon themselves to switch you. You must take your health into your own hands. You need to tell your doctor that you would do not want this generic brand.
Many people are suffering with respiratory issues right now, more than ever before. I promise you if you look up into the skies and see the geoengineering that is going on and do your research you will find that there are many toxic things raining down upon us that are affecting our ability to breathe. Please be proactive in taking care of your own health.
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