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Breathing Problems

Hello, I have asthma and every year there are some occasional wheezing. This time I'm having trouble breathing.There's no feeling of wheezing but my breathing feels sort of suppressed, or fast breathing. It's liike i am not exhaling or inhaling at my maximum. It feels like I'm suffocating. I told my regular doctor about this and i think she took it as another asthma related problem so she prescribed me inhalers. And if it's not helping she will prescribe me pills.
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Do your symptoms occur at the same time each year?  If so, I would think that you are having allergy issues triggering your breathing problems.  If that is the case, you should discus starting treating allergies at least 2 weeks before you allergy season starts with your doctor.

As Tammy said, the treatment plan your dr has prescribed is standard for an asthma flare.  The symptoms won't go away on their own.  As you have seen this year, they escalate with neglect.  

Also,  Foradil is a long-acting bata 2 agonist (LABA).  It is similar to albuterol except that it is long-acting - lasts 12 hours as opposed to albuterol's 4 hours.  In the US, the FDA has strongly come out against using LABAs without inhaled corticosteroids (ICS).  LABAs only treat broncho constriction.  Asthma is a more of an inflammatory disease, and the inflammation must be treated as the primary issue.

Here the link to the US FDA Advisory requesting manufactures to put warning labels on these medications.


As the Advisory states, 1)  don't use LABAs as a first course of treatment for asthma, 2) DO NOT use LABAs to treat wheezing that is getting worse or sudden wheezing.  Always have your short acting beta 2 agonist (albuterol or some form there of) with you.

I hope that helps you.
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my doctor prescribed me "proair hfa albuterol sulfate", "atrovent hfa ipratropium bromide
, and "qvar beclomethasone diproionate hfa" will this go away on its own eventually?
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You didn't specify the type of inhalers.

There are those with anti-inflamatory effects, and those  that open the airways.

Many people have trouble with Foradil 12 mcg (formoterol fumarate), but I have used this long-lasting inhaled non-steroidal powder with no side effects whatsoever. It is much longer-acting than albuterol sulfate. And the effects are rapid.

As Tammy2009 stated, there are ocassional flare ups.

I hope things settle down soon.
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Sounds like a typical mild asthma flare-up and your doctor is doing the right thing.  Hopefully it goes away soon!
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