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Burning feel around vocal cords??!

I'm in my 20s, and was diagnosed having asthma after having an asthma attack as a kid.
But i've had trouble with most medications, as they either make symptoms worse or do nothing. I'm on symbicort now as they gives some relief, but not that much.

But apart from the asthma attack i've never felt any tightening of the chest or hyperventilation. the problem has always been my throat. it feels like its closing near the vocal cords. when i inhale alot of air (like when exercizing) it makes the sensation worse and can feel like burning or if there is something sliding down there. it means i cant do sports like i used to. ive told all this to docs and nurses, but i guess the fact that symbicort partly works, its most likely asthma. but even though my throat sensation has gotten worse, my lungs feel better than ever. even when my throat feels like **** and i wheez i can still sometimes hit above average numbers on the peak flow. even when wheezing and stuff i can hold my breath for a good 100 seconds.

Things that set me off: exercize, cold weather, dust, chocolate.     Milk and alcohol make my throat feel slightly better. When I get colds it feels better too (even though it shouldn't!). My throat feels normal when i wake up in the morning, but after a few minutes gets **** again. I once had a vomiting bug and for that time my throat felt fine.

Can anyone make sense of this?
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Try looking into vocal cord dysfunction.  I can't remember too much about it but when I was researching what my coughing could be I passed over it.  

All I remember is that it can have similar symptoms as asthma but doesn't respond well to the medication.  

Maybe do a bit of research and talk to your doctor about that possibility
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Hello-  I am having similar symptoms like you; although i haven't been diagnosed with asthma.  I was wondering if you have made any progress in finding an answer or anything to allieviate the tightness in your throat.

I also have tightness in my throat, chest, back between my shoulder blades and i often feel like air isnt passing freely.  I don't have any wheezing but feel like its really an effort for me to breath.  Oddly, if i have a glass of wine or two, i feel alot better.  Anyway, any suggestions on your end?

Thank you! Hope your feeling better!
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