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Chronic croup

My son will be 6 in 3 weeks and he has had 18 x rays already its making very nervous.The problem started at birth he inhaled maconium he had 2 x rays was in level 2 nursery for i week with I.V. antibiotics.When he was 6 weeks old he got a cold and was breathing very heavy,his whole body from his waist up was sucking in with each breath,chest x rays were taken everything was clear,Dr thought it was RSV sent him with neb. machine.The next day he was worse I was told to bring him to the hospital his was on rounds and he would be paged to the ER, another Dr checked him over before my Dr got there and said my son sounded like a 30 yr old with bronchitis.When he was 3 months old he woke up one night huffing puffing not breathing well we took him to ER chest x rays, again lungs clear.The Dr  made a call and came up with reflux overflow into the lungs causing the problem, he was having reflux symptoms.We were referred to a Dr for the reflux, a milk test was done,radioactive.He has been to the Dr many times for heavy breathing,wheezing hard coughing,he has been given steroids which helps albuterol nebs. do not do much to help his last x ray was Jan.22 2005 .Until the other night in the ER Oct 11 2007 when the Dr made us nervous saying it could be something worse.These are the symptoms, it starts with a runny nose for a few days then a hard cough,when he drinks it gets worse he coughs so hard he vomits,gags,breaths heavy,wheezes and has a sizzle ,crackle sounds when he sleeps his whole stomach and chest suck in.Steroids help then the Dr  believes its croup,they always assume pnuemonia,
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These are very common symptoms of asthma.  It could be other problems in the chest, but this is the most common one with what you have described.  I would suggest seeing a pediatric pulmonologist and present the same story as you have described.  There are some tests that can be performed, such a pulmonary function tests (PFTs), and the physician will be closer to making a diagnosis.  With all that you have experienced, this is what we would suggest.
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