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Cough/Heart murmur/ Asthma?

Hi guys, need your help.
I've had a cough for a month now and finally went to my GP last week. The cough was initially non productive with maybe very little clear phlegm. It was also insainly tickly It is predominantly nocturnal making it very difficult to sleep. I was coughing so much that I was sick. I was prescribed antibiotics after telling my GP the symptoms. He examined me and was concerned about the sound of my heart and said he heart what was a systolic heart murmur. He sent me for a chest X-ray, which I have had and am awaiting results. The cough has improved a little after four days of antibiotics but it's still wheezy and it hurts/aches to take in deep breaths on the right side of back just under my shoulder blades.
So, I'm turning into a hypochondriac. Anyone know what this is???? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No, your not a hypochondriac. You've been sick and you want to know what's going on.
It's a bad time of year for allergies. I'm not saying this is what the problem is but you might ask your Dr if this is one of the problems.
It could possibly be a virus also.
What did he say about the heart murmur?
I'm sorry that I can't be of any more help. Will you post your x-ray results here when you do get them? I hope you feel better soon. Take care. Remar
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I don't really suffer from allergies. To be honest I rarely even get a cold. I'll ring my Dr first thing on Monday to see if the hospital sent the results back and I'll post what they said on here.
Thanks for the reply!
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Hi -- hoping you got back some results over the weekend?  WELCOME to our Community!

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I hope you are feeling better. sometimes colds can take a long time to go away and of course with coughing your can expect to have some pain. so please don't feel you are a hypochondriac. about your murmur chances are you have had it all your life. and when you are sick or have been doing exercise, your murmur can get louder. most murmurs are what is considered an innocent murmur, however it wouldn't hurt to have a work up with a cardiologist to be sure. an x-ray might not show anything.
good luck
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