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Coughing up blood - though CT Chest scan was normal!

Hi, I recently started to cough up blood around February of 09 whilst I was travelling in Europe.
I have had numerous blood tests and recently had a CT Chest scan which showed nothing, though I am still coughing up blood (its not huge amounts - though when I cough I bring up flem along with blood).
I also get headaches which occasionally turn into migraines, Tired/lethargic.
I am a smoker.
18 years of age.
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Coughing up blood is very frightening, but not necessarily a death sentence. There are lots of possible scary reasons, none of which can be addressed in an internet forum. And some non-scary etiologies. Most of these problems are self-limiting and go away on their own. The first tests to perform involve blood clotting time or PTT, which you should ask about. Ocasionally taking certain herbal supplements can interfere with blood clottiong and produce the effect. This is an issue that your local physician would be in a better position to evaluate. Certainly if you have a lesion smoking will exacerbate and inflame, so stopping smoking should be a priority.
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Overall, when you see blood, you begin to think of the worst. But, just exactly what caregiver222 said, its not always lethal. But the way you're describing it could be a harsh case of Pneumonia or Tuberculosis. Either way, they both are difficult to have. I've had a lot of experiences with Pneumonia myself, and i'm 17. In addition, this could also be H1N1 starting to kick in, but don't start to worry about that. I'd suggest to ask a family doctor to take tests if its anyone of those. Simple symptoms for H1N1 would be like:
-sore throat
-body aches
-runny nose
-no appetite (don’t feel hungry)
-nausea, vomiting (throwing up) or diarrhea

Which is mostly fitting in to the puzzle, i'm not a doctor, but i'm always diagnosed with these common sicknesses. (But not H1N1) If any of this helps, thanks for reading. And good luck, I also suggest you cut down on smoking or quit overall.
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