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Could I have mild asthma or allergies?

Since last year, I've had this feeling like my lungs get kind of tight but then when I take a deep breath, it relieves it and when I breathe out I get this feeling in my chest like I need to cough afterwards, but I feel like I can't really cough properly cause my lungs feel sort of tight. No wheezing, I can breathe fine and it's not too bothersome, I'm just worried it could be a mild form of asthma. When I try coughing, my breathing sounds kind of loud when I breathe in then out, if that makes any sense. I know it sounds kind of crazy but does this sound like it could be mild asthma or maybe allergies? I've already been to the doctor for something else that's going on & I can't keep going to the doctor unless I'm convinced something is wrong. Im not trying to get a diagnosis though, I was just wondering if it sounds like it could be asthma or maybe allergies or not. Thanks.
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I was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago. I went years without realizing I had it because I didn't wheeze and the breathing problems did not last long. Like you, I cough and get a tightness in my chest. I think it would definitely be worth looking into it. Having an inhaler helped me tremendously. The test for it is super easy and only takes about half an hour.
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Yes, your symptoms could be asthma. Suggest going for testing.
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