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Could this be asthma related...?

About 6 months ago I had a few nights where I stopped breathing as I fell asleep. My body jerked itself awake. I do have both asthma and anxiety so I figured it could have something to do with that but it went away. Recently, however, I've been having more difficulty breathing. Sometimes when I'm breathing and I exhale my body won't let me inhale for a split second. It's like my chest won't move to let me inhale or somethings blocking my airways but it only lasts for a second, if that. My family's also noticed that I've been breathing harder and when I try not to breathe so hard it feels like I'm barely getting air. It kind of feels like I'm breathing through a really small hole but I don't really feel anything tightening and my asthma has been triggered more easily than usual lately and I keep coughing a lot. Sometimes it does feel like theres mucus/phlegm in my throat but nothing coughs up. Using my inhaler does help sometimes but its a very temporary solution.

If anyone has any suggestions that'd be appreciated. Thank you!
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I would talk to your doctor ... your asthma could be increasing or it could be related to your anxiety.  The jerk respond is not due to you stop breathing - just a muscle and brain response - I get that almost everytime I fall asleep.  

other than that, keep track of your peak flow and watch for any downward trends.  

hope that helps!
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