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Desperate! Is it Vocal Chord Dysfunction or Asthma?!

I'm utterly desperate for help; I'm needing at least triple the usual dosage of blue inhaler as it stands, and after over a month, my brown and green inhalers have yet to help me at all. 2 puffs of blue is never enough, and it barely lasts an hour in effect. I cannot see a doctor about this for at least a week due to queues, and A&E disregarded me despite moments where my pulse oximetry showed levels as low as 85%. Some doctors have said I may have vocal chord dysfunction because of sound gasp sounds we caught in a sound recording of me at night. However we cannot deny the rescue inhaler helps me. It just doesn't help for long! I have no cough, wheeze or chest pain. Just some tightness - nothing painful - and serious shortness of breath, as well as throat mucus.

This source says some VCD patients get unexpected relief from bronchodilators like the one I use, Ventolin. How true is this? Please help, I'm very confused as things stand.

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Hi there.  Having dangerously low oxygen levels is cause to go to an emergency room.  I would not delay a week to see a doctor with what you describe.  I would alert family members of this situation so that they can check on you and make sure all is alright.  I just wanted to comment on that aspect to your problem and will let others answer your question.  Best of luck to you and do be safe.  
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Are you using a spacer with the inhaler?  It may come down to technique and how you are using the inhaler as well.  It doesn't sound like typical asthma  .... I have had severe attacks down to 50% of my normal and still had 94% oxygen saturation.  I do know that some people get use to the lower level and don't notice, my family doctor has had older folks come in with a "mild cough/cold" and had oxygen stats at 60%.

I believe full pulmonary function tests are needed now, you could have severe asthma and inflammation going on in the lungs and thus is way the Ventolin is not working as well - this is very severe and is how asthmatics die from the disease.  

I would try a different hospital and demand that you are able to talk to a doctor - they should not turn you away!  Even my urgent care, if someone comes in and then decides not to stay because the wait is too long - they have to sign a form that they are leaving against medical advice.  Because if you came into urgent care/hospital you believe it is serious enough to need to see someone that day and thus should not leave.  

Hoep you feel better soon!
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