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Do I have asthma?

I'm Daniella. I'm 13 at the moment and turning 14 this year. About a month ago, I went swimming like I usually do, after about 2 laps I started breathing faster and faster and never seemed to get enough air, my chest felt really tight when I was breathing in. And that was the first time, I kept pushing myself and trying to swim, and then I started hyperventilating. I got out of the water about quality minutes after the hyperventilation.it was really bad but I managed to calm down. And recently,  I've been out of breath from simply running up the stairs, but, it's not like I did any stretching or stuff like that befkre, but it seems strange that I get out of breath from that short of a distance. I know this could be asthma but I haven't been suffering from any coughing or constant chest tightness, then again, there are many things this coukd be like bronchitis, lung cancer, pneumonia, stuff like that. I've always been athletics and I love running around and I'm pretty aggressive when I'm running. I've also been experiencing random bone pains here and there.
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Hello Daniella,

After knowing your condition, I think it will be not a good idea to get the conclusion that you have asthma as I have certain doubt on that after knowing that you experiencing pain in bones. I think it because of some allergic reaction of your body.

Long story short, just make a concern with your local doctor and follow his advice as without knowing any direct data might be given a wrong conclusion. Besides that, if you really have asthma issue then follow some home-based treatment like using steam baths or herbs. Or you may try salt therapy using a device which can be found in online stores like "salinetherapy"
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