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Do I or dont I

I have had some heavyness on my chest now for 2 days and its lke something is pushing down when you try to inhale  air I have taken my inhailer past the max that I can is it something I should et looked at or will it go a way on its own?
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I got my issue looked at and I was told I needed a change in meds . I got over a cold and I guess with having asthma sometime a cold can stay in your chest and make it hard on people sometimes.
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Anytime you have chest pain go to the ER, also ask yourself questions, is this a sharp pain, or like an elaphant setting on your chest or just a small elaphant setting up there. are you sweating along with this and are you sick at your stomach? If it is a breathing problem, they might want to add some steroids to your current treatment. I would go and see the MD, better safe than sorry!
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you definitely need to get checked NOW.  Not to alarm you but I had a similar heavy feeling in my chest a few weeks ago & after being rushed into emerg cuz I'm pregnant & didn't feel right they found a blood clot in my lung which could have caused a stroke.

It could be something as simple as needing a new medication to an infection to something similar to mine.  Definitely get it checked out.

Good luck & please see a dr & post an update after u do.
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