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Do you use home remedies to help control your asthma?

Current treatment regimens are designed to minimize discomfort, inconvenience, and the extent to which you have to limit your activities. If you follow your treatment plan closely, you should be able to avoid or reduce your visits to your health care provider or the emergency department.Know your triggers and do what you can to avoid them.If you smoke, quit.Do not take cough medicine. These medicines do not help asthma and may cause unwanted side effects.Aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, can cause asthma to worsen in certain individuals. These medications should not be taken without the advice of your health care provider.Do not use nonprescription inhalers. These contain very short-acting drugs that may not last long enough to relieve an asthma attack and may cause unwanted side effects.Take only the medications your health care provider has prescribed for your asthma. Take them as directed.Do not take any nonprescription preparations, herbs, or dietary supplements, even if they are completely "natural," without talking to your health care provider first. Some of these may have unwanted side effects or interfere with your medications.If the medication is not working, do not take more than you have been directed to take. Overusing asthma medications can be dangerous.Be prepared to go on to the next step of your action plan if necessary.If you think your medication is not working, let your health care provider know right away.
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I use acupressure to cure asthma. Use finger pressure on skin between nose and upper lip to feel improvement of breathing by reflex. Do loud nasal inhalations to get same sensation of relaxation of bronchi. Keep on practicing. Get medical advice to get off inhalers.
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Here is an asthma remedy from the kiss point perspective. The kiss point is between the nose and the upper lip and corresponds to the acupressure point gv26. Apart from the romantic or erotic workings it is also responsible for relaxation of the lung airways and turns off asthma. There are many acupressure points for asthma.
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An asthma tip based on Russian treatment, based on reflex therapy. A sharp mindful sniff compresses the lips and by a reflex relaxes the chest airways, as can be checked by finger pressure on a lip, which reduces asthma wheeze. So during an asthma issue, clench your lips and notice the easing off of wheeze. If you are used to using a spray the process may be more difficult.
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