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Is it ok to take these three asthma meds at the same time?

I have an appointment in 2 weeks with my primary doctor, but I was prescribed these medications by a different doctor who was filling in... albuterol (the emergency inhaler), Singulair (I take 10mg once every night), and one puff twice a day of Dulera with a chamber (I always rinse afterwards). It seems like a lot of meds. I’ve been on Singulair and albuterol for a few weeks, and I’ve been taking Dulera for about a week now. I guess I’m just worried that those meds shouldn’t be taken as much as I’m taking them/together in the first place.
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EXERCISE (1) (STARTING FROM EXHALE, Build Co2) for Asthma/cold cough and Lungs Strengthening
Select a location either garden or near window where fresh air is available.
Sit in a relaxed position, upright position. Take a small napkin for use.
NOW EXHALE FROM NOSE to remove all air from lungs.
with mouth closed, HOLD or PINCH close your NOSE with index finger and thumb.
while holding breath this way, Count 1001,1002,1003.......
Feel the stomach/nose filling up with hold air (CO2)
Ideal hold time is minimum 35-45 seconds .
Release your nose and relax and do normal breathing for at least 1 minute before re starting the process again
do this at least 2-3 times and not more in 1 sitting.
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I think you can use that inhaler with other medicines. But regarding others, I can't tell much. But It would be a great idea to concern with your local doctor or specialist who can tell you whether you should continue both medicine or not. Besides that, you can try some home-based air humidifier machine(can be found in stores like "saline therapy") at home as natural Asthma treatment.
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