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Is there a sinus and trigeminal neuralgia connection?

Hi community,  I have recently been diagnosed with TN on Dec 14, five days before my scheduled sinuplasty surgery which was postponed due to first tn episode on Dec. 10th when I thought my head had been hit by lightning. I have been treated for sinus problems for 6 years which have had symptoms of TN but I never got diagnoses.  I am on carbomazipine.  I am wondering if my sinus problem is causing my TN due to a vaccume created in my maxillary sinus becuse my Ostium is so small. My pain is primarely in my right jaw, ear, teeth and face. I have swelling in my gums and right side roof of mouth.  I don't have any headaches.   I would appreciate any light you can shine on the situation. Thanks-

This discussion is related to sinus infection and Trigeminal Neuralgia.
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I also have sinus problems..allergies to trees/grass. I've been to 5 major hospitals/new york/new jersey. Three doctors told me trigeminal neuralgia...but an office visit to ENT Dr. at Mt.Sinai/Head of Dept,, he told me if I had trigem. I would jump off the roof...and was told same by Neurologist's secretary...You couldn't take the pain.
I was sent to a cardiologist who has trigeminal neuralgia and he said
he was misdiagnosed for 2yrs. with sinus problems. He also asked me..
does the cold wind bother you? No...nor does brushing my teeth, etc. I'm confused with both disorders...Don't know which one I have.

I'm wondering which is correct? I'm now on my ??? 8/9th script for nostrils burning, face inflamed one side/teeth ache. I have a parotid cyst (guessing that too)..and three doctors claim s/thing different...i.e. cyst, tumor, lumph node. IS  YOUR PAIN EXCRUCIATING, (LIGHTNING, I GUESS YES)AS MINE IS TOLERABLE NOW I' was on gabapentin 300mg...but 2nd week my ankles began to swell,I stopped gabapentin. Now, I'm like you...between trigem...or is it sinus? I don't have headaches either..just pressure in left cheek bone/inflamed/nose burns & raw to my left eye...to ear and to the lower teeth, which I take good care of. ALL of my Mri's/ct scan/blood work,heart,doppler..name it, 100% normal...So, why do i feel 'HORRIBLE"..I was told my ct scan was "normal"...but MY MRI revealed I have congestion on the left side. 3hrs in Mri for spine/head/neck, etc...also by Neurologist at NY Colombia Presy (rule out fistula..I had to have brain angiogram/100% normal) noted he saw "congestion on my MRI .but ENT DR. looked at ct scan not mri..I wonder who's right? Now, I have appt. with pulmonary doctor to see why "I'm coughing for so long (non smoker/drinker)...and then to Ent doctor AGAIN. This is going on for over a year w/out relief from medications over/over again...I had enough of tests to last a lifetime...and no "diagnosis as of today."
Keep me posted on your sinus/trigem...Sounds very much like myself
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Hi,  Thank you for responding. I am so sorry for all your trouble.  Have you had any sinus  Balloon sinuplasty?  I feel like my maxillary sinus hole, sphenoid sinus ostium I think it is called is so small or closed that it is causing a vacuum in my maxillary sinus which is irritating my TN.  That is what my ENT believed and so schedulled me for surgery on 19th when on the 10th before surgery I had "episode" like lightning on right side of face.  I looked up sinus vacuum in maxillary yesterday and actually found a couple of articles.  I am on carbomezapine 600mg a day and I still cant talk, chew or brush.  My nose on right side and jaw and gums hurt like an absessed tooth. When I walk I feel it in myupper teeth.  It is my understanding I shouldn't be in any pain w. meds.  My dentist said he is willing to do free x-ray today.  So by the process of elemination I will make sure my daignoses is right.   MRI clear, dont drink/smoke eat healthy, 50+
I wll keep you posted
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Well, you said to keep you updated...Before I went to bed I called the local pharacist to see if I could take some Ecotrin 325 mg asprin.  She said yes so I took 1 with my carbamazepine and when I woke up this am I took another asprin  with my carbamazepine and I feel great! I have eaten, brushed my teeth. I can talk etc.  Best day in 20 days.  I don't know why.  I am not complaining. Thank the Lord!   I do have a metal taste in my mouth but other that that I seem to be great.  I might have 2 issues???
Hello there:) I have the same issue going on. I just wanted an update to see how your doing? Thanks in advance. Trying to figure out my problem now.
Wondering the same thing. I've got all the same problems. Shooting pain in left ear and left eye, randomly. Left Cheek pain, left scalp pain. Left nostril burns. I do have TMJ but right now I have a sinus infection and now that combined with the everyday facial pain is really making me go crazy.
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Hello everyone,
I have been facing similar problem on either side of the face since an year. After repeated visits to dentist, ent specialist and neurologist and an MRI. Was told that i have trigeminal nueralgia. When i researched on the subject, i didnt believe that its TN because though my pain was unsettling but it wasnt as excruciating as described.  Also, medication prescribed was such that i always felt drowsy and couldnt study or work properly. I came across an ayurveda doctor who told me that the line of treatment for acute sinus and TN in ayurveda is similar. And ofcourse since its herbal, there isnt any side effects at all.  Its been 4 months that i am on that dose and i dont think i could have taken a better decision. If you can manage ayrvedic treatment please go for it.
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Sorry to dig up an old thread but I am having the same issue. I have TN ONLY when I get a sinus infection on the left side. I believe that I damaged the nerve during a particularly aggressive nose blowing session when I was stuff up tight as a drum. I have never heard of the "vacuum" in the maxilary sinus before causing the TN? that is interesting. My pain is like you described. Upper jawline above teeth, side of nose and now in my whole cheek and around my eye. I had the same thing 2 years ago and an antibiotic (Z pack) got rid of the sinus infection and the TN went away! Now 2 years later its back and the Zpack only made the sinis infection worse and the TN is now getting worse as well. They are hand in hand. I predict if I can get the sinusitis to go away, the TN will go away as well. but at this moment both are raging.. I have found a little relief from doing nose rinses with a Neilmed bottle filled with saline and xylotol and clove oil. seems that the clove oil numbs the TN pain at least temporarily.
I believe this is what causes my TN. Everytime I have a sinus infection it sets it off. Also have Lupus and Vasculitis, which probably don't help, but I'm certain its the sinus issues that cause my TN.
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Hello, I need help,  I had a sinuplastly done but my 2 teeth hurt super bad ,it's been a year,the dentist can't find the problem,the neurologist said its ATN, the ent says he doesn't believe I have neuralgia.now my pain is constant, it used to hurt every time I ate something cold,hot or sweet ,I've seeing 15 dentist no body is willing to do a root canal sometimes I feel all my teeth will end up getting infected ,if no one fixs this problem it's been so long  I can chew and don't have problems to brush my teeth ..the symptoms for sensitivity went away ..but my teeth hurt non stop..it's like a dull pain..I stoped taking amoxciciline and the pain got worst.. I did take carbamazepine for a month and didn't get better,I believe it's a dental problem..
Please help
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I'm glad to see that folks are connecting TN and sinusitis b/c it just makes sense and it's very hard to find a connection in the literature.
I have had bad allergies, mild asthma, and terrible sinuses my whole life. I was told I have rhinogenic sinusitis (which is basically the vacuum phenomenon) on the left frontal, and also bad right maxillary sinusitis.
I do also have lots of jaw clicking on the rt side and thought maybe I have TMJ.
Well about 20 yrs ago in my mid-20s I got my first TN attack (rt side) descending on an airplane. It was so excruciating I was scared to fly for years! But then that was it. Now, 20 years later I just went a whole day with ~10 episodes of TN again on the rt side. Since then, just aching of the face but no  more TN attacks. However I am officially terrified and a little depressed about this - who knows when I will have to endure it again?!
I had the special MRI to look at the 5th nerve and everything was "normal." But is hurts to chew on the right or brush teeth on the right - but more like a deep ache, no more attacks (yet).
It just seems like there has to be a structural correlation with the sinus or the TMJ but there's just not enough info out there.
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