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Pain in lungs

Hello, I am a 33 year old female experiencing intermittent chronic lung pain.

About 8 months ago I had a really severe infection in my chest. I had sudden onset of breathing difficulty, profuse sweating and alot of chest pain, poor breath sounds with rattling in my chest. I was subsequently put on Biaxin, prednisone, duramax and albuterol along with another med to control my cough. Since then, I have had chronic problems with breathing and pain. I have been on oral steriods at least four times in the past few months along with singulair and now advair and albuterol as required. My doctor says this is Asthma now, but I still have pretty significant intermittent chest pain when breathing especially on exertion without wheezing. They keep telling me my chest is clear. Is it normal to have pain with Asthma?? I have never even had a chest x-ray or PFT testing. I was perfectly healthy prior to this illness and I have never had environmental allergies or Asthma which is now what the doctor says I have despite the pain. ANY exposure to smoke or environmental allergens now cause me significant distress. Does this sound like typical Asthma symptoms? I am wondering if I should have an evaluation by a Pulmonologist.
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What you describe sounds like pleurisy, for which there are many causes.  While you might have asthma, a very common disease, pain is not a symptom of asthma; nor is profuse sweating.  Sweating is almost always a sign of infection.  It is surprising that you have not had a chest x-ray.

An illness such as this, sustained for 8 months in a 33 year old woman, is grossly abnormal and worrisome.  You should, without delay, seek consultation with a pulmonary specialist to get to the bottom of this.
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hello hurts, im a 31 y/o with some of your exact problems except i had a few sweating spells at night while  i slept . My doc told me it was asthma too and copd  . put me on all kinds of meds and stuff . last wed i went to see him and he gave me more meds as usual . and saturday i had coughed to hard and pulled a muscle and come to find out i also had an upper respatory infection with bronchitis . so now im gonna have my doc reffer me too an pulm doc. because he over looked the fact that i had an upper respatory infection with bronchitis 3 days before i went to the E.R.  .Best of luck and what the doctor answered on here is right , u need a pulmanary doc. you need x-rays and stuff . the lungs arent nothing ot mess with exspecially at a young age still .take care and hope you get well soon ! keep in touch would like to hear your outcome and ill do the same !! ...........2young
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