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Persistant cough

I am an atopic person. I have a mild wheeze, skin eczema, and I get hay fever.

Over the last 2 or 3 years, I have gotten cold about once or twice, after the cold symptoms go away (fever, sore throat etc) it has always been followed by a persistant cough. The cough appears about a day or two after cold symptoms end. Doctors initially told me this is called a post nasal drip. I get prescribed cough syrup (which tends to be ineffective). But eventually the cough dissapears over about 2 weeks. Over the last year or so, this persistant cough has gotten much worse, and tends to last more than a month.

Recently, a doctor I went to prescribed prednisolone, and symbicort (an inhalor). He told me that my cough is due to a sensitive windpipe and causes chronic bronchitis. He also gave me some antibiotics. He did not take an xray to confirm bronchitis.

This inhalor is quite expensive, and I have never had need for one before. But then again. my cough has never persisted for so long (now nearing one and a half months). It is a mild, persistant cough. Should I purchase these medicines?
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In addition to my question I wish to state my breathing is fine and my lungs are clear. My only symptom is the long drawn cough.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I have cough variant asthma and it began very much like what you describe. Sometimes they eliminate asthma by seeing if you respond to asthma treatment. My cough improved after I started on asthma meds. The doc may also schedule you for a methacholine challenge test to verify asthma.
I hope you feel better.
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