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Please help.. Is it asthma? Or something else?

I am 27. And have been actually smoking since 16. Here and there before then. I know I need to quit but every time I try to cut back or quit something comes up. And I can't do it.. My son will be 2 in Aug. was hospitalized for 2.5 days for a serve asthma attack in Dec when he was 18 months old(he was with his dad when it started, possibly could have been prevented, or lessened if he got neb-which until then he only needed when sick. They never said he had asthma!) I am now having my 5yr old daughter tested at the end of July for asthma and allergies because she constantly sounds like she got crap in her nose. That never goes away, breathes with mouth open, and has been using inhaler when sick for a year..
Anyways, I'm curious about myself.. Again, I am a smoker, I smoke outside and have quit smoking in my car(case wondering for kids sake, yes I know it's on my clothes) for little over 2 weeks, I have had a uncontrollable, unproductive cough in early early morning to early mornings. It kinda feels like there's something in my throat, but the worst feeling is that my throat feels like it's closing. I never cough anything up. And if I have a cold or allergies I usually cough something up. But with this I get nothing. It get so bad I wake I boyfriend up in the morning and he is a very very very hard sleeper.. And I mean nothing wakes him up. I've tried getting up for a drink and just plain coughing... One morning I decided to try my daughters inhaler. Which helped greatly! Since then I have used it every morning! I don't know if it's breaking whatever up of if its opening my throat. I'm wondering if anyone with asthma has had this. If it could be asthma or Something else.. The only other symptom of asthma I can think of is when I smoke outside during winter I feel like I'm wheezing., and completely outta breath if I do really physical workout.
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Hello Danni!

The symptoms you've described are something I've been experiencing as well. I am a 35 yr old male that has been smoking since i was about 19 yrs old. About a little over a month ago i was checked into the ER experiencing pretty much the same symptoms you described; the diagnosis was that i had asthmatic bronchitis.  Its pretty hard to stay away from cigarettes, but that is a must if you wish for those symptoms to go away. Even tho i preach it, i am still addicted to the nicotine, but I've resorted to vaping, which for me is very beneficial and it does take several days to get used to, but i haven't had the need to use either the ventolin inhaler or combivent  maintenance inhaler. We'll thats my two cents. Keep us posted and good luck!
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Anyone with asthma should only be using a rescue inhaler (ventolin, the "blue one") three times a week or less for symptoms.  If you have asthma and are waking up coughing it is a sure sign the asthma is out of control. There is inflammation as we'll as the tightness so by only using ventolin you are opening the lungs up without treating the inflammation - eventually the lungs will be so inflamed there is no room to open up.

Doctor visit is definitely in order to get medication that is geared to your size, the dosage will be different and you may need a different formulation or combination than your doctor.  

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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