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Should I go to the hospital ??

I have had ashma all my life last year I started having a few bad attacks this time of year , this last few days my chest has been very tight walking upstairs I can't breathe and I am getting pain in my back and under ribs, I am a dance teacher so work is hard with this , last night I was only giving instructions and loosing my breath bad, do I need to see a doctor as it hasn't reached an attach is this a start of one ? Don't want to waste doctors time if I'm overacting ,
Thank you for your help
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Since you have had asthma all your life, I assume you always have a rescue inhaler on hand at all times. Mine is ProAir, albuterol sulfate if you will. That said, I have been on Advair for the last 10 years, and my asthma is now very controlled. Only time I need my inhaler is if I am doing extreme cardio exercise. Advair is a god send for me. Also, it is never a bad idea to have a nebulizer (breathing machine with liquid albuterol sulfate solution) in your home for those days where you can't seem to get relief from your inhaler. Not sure what would be causing the pain, maybe sleeping posture. Maybe stress. Have you had your allergies tested thoroughly?
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As for the pain, it's difficult to make a recommendation over the internet. The ER will provide you with meds that open up the airways, but won't do much for the pain.

Control of the airway with meds usually resolves the lung pain issues, which are generally pleuritic..
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You need to get a doctor's prescription for an albuterol sulfate emergency oinhaler and keep it with you at all times! Do this as of yesterday! Most asthma deaths take place with those who don't have chronic asthma. A cascade of events can take place and you may end up with a laryngospasm completly blocking your airway!

If you have a friendly doctor he will prescribe you emergency prednisone (20 mg tablets), which takes a while to get into the system.

Foradil inhaler has an insert that states it is absolutely NOT to be used as an emergency medication. Surprise! It works well in that role, instructions to the conrtary.

Also try taking magnesium msupplements and the usual blah.blah...blah about avoiding allergins and thinking about living in a space bubble.
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