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Should i move into a home that previously had a serious home fire?

We had a serious home fire and requires us to the 2X4's of a brick home and insurance company said they will only repair but no builder will guarantee that my wife's asthma won't be impacted from previous smoke/soot. The SERVPRO company also said not sure if the old soot/smoke would or wouldn't have a negative impact on her asthma. Could it be possible that her asthma be negatively impacted. SHOULD I TEAR COMPLETLY DOWN AND REBUILD?
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Oh my goodness, well, I'm so glad you guys made it out unharmed!  And I hope the work on your house whichever way you go happens smoothly.  Are you living with friends or , family anything?  Dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare!
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Wow, what a dilemma!  Sorry about the fire.  I'm sure that was very traumatic to your family.  How did it start (out of  curiosity?)  So, this is difficult to answer because I don't think anyone knows fully.  I do have a friend who had a house fire.  Started with a lightening strike and it hit her house's electrical system. The fire was in the walls so it did a lot of damage.  They couldn't live in their house for a year and a half while it was repaired.  I've been there now after and you'd never know it happened. No smell, no soot.  But what if you don't have a good restoration company?  I'd get a second opinion.  With asthma, she is likely affected by fresh soot, smoke.  Not left over from a long time prior I'd imagine.  The smoke would be more a smell than actual smoke in the air with particles she'd breath in, right?  Does she have a family doctor?  I'd see them for an official professional opinion.  My gut says that it probably would not affect her asthma.  But you still may want to start over on your home. The restoration company will do a lot of work. Even the dust from that can affect asthma.  good luck
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Space heater too close to couch. all is well!!
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