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Side effects for Albuterol

I was just wondering if anyone here gets side effects from taking albuterol.  I have only had the inhaler for about 2 weeks and notice very painful calf muscle cramps that occur a couple hours after taking the inhaler (suppose to pre-treat for a lecture hall that really bugs me).  They seem to be getting worse with every dose (only noticed the last couple of times of using it), today my legs are still very sore and crampy and I took the dose 10 hours ago.  

It seems to start about 2 hours after I take the albuterol (100mcg, 2 puffs).  Some of the information I have found on the drug says muscle cramps are a side effect and some don't mention it.  So how common is it?  

I also don't get any other symptoms such as the shakingness, increased pulse etc that are the common ones.  I do have a doctors appointment on tuesday that I will bring this up, but does anyone have any things I should ask about or look into?
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I have these same symps when I get bronch.  I too have asthma  and the lung doc I had told me to eat bananas  one or two a day  because these meds tend to cause potsasium loss which leads to cramping..... I've done this and it worked for me..........best wishes...K.
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I do drink at least 2 glasses of milk a day, plus a single serving of yogurt every other day and normally a serving of chesse a day.

I doubt it is the calcium levels but will defintely ask about the magnesium and a different inhaler.  

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Not everyone feels those side effects. The first thing to do is to try an inhaler from a different manufacturer. There are slightly different manufacturing processes using different chemicals to create the microcrystaline suspension of albuterol sulfate.  Try drinking a glass of milk a day or taking a calcium supplement. The cramps seems to be more prevalant in those with low calcium levels. As one time you could purchase over-the counter quinine pills, but the FDA recently banned them. Another co-factor in these cramps are low magnesium levels. l Purchase magnesium glycinate supplements from a health food store and take one pill a day.
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