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Toradol injection

iv'e had Asthma for over 17 years, im allergic  to Aspirin, my primary doctor of 9 years gave me a shot of Toradol injection  injection on 12/1/09   i had a severe Asthma attack which  i almost died i was in ICU for 3 days im more than sure the Toradol injection caused it.....can you  tell me  do a asthamtic  patient  suppose to take Toradol if they is allergic to aspirin?
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Toradol and other NSAID's should not be taken with your asthma...NSAID's are very common and all forms of ibuprofen are included in this class
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If you have an allergist, you can talk to them about desensitizing (immunotherapy) to NSAIDs.  I also have attacks with NSAIDs.  However, with the new warnings about Tylenol, my allergist is more concerned about that and is planning on treating the NSAID allergywith immunotherapy.  Personally I am not that concerned about Tylenol.  I have taken it for years without any problems, but this is one of those things that can sneek up on you if you aren't careful.  I don't want to be unable to take all pain relievers.

Take care and I am glad that you recovered.
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I had a terrible experience with Toradol as well.  I didn't end up in the hospital, but I did feel close to death for about 1-2 days after taking it.  Funny thing about it is I do not have any allergy to aspirin/NSAIDS.  I do have a history of Asthma though.  

I would recommend getting a MED-ALERT bracelet or necklace so others are aware of your allergies and medications you cannot take in case you are not able to speak for yourself.  

I think your physician could have been more prudent.  
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