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What do I do??

Pediatrician prescribed proair with chamber for my 5 yr old. She a nagging cough since a bout of bronchitus this past Christmas. Gave her 2 puffs at 1pm. Now at4:35 pm she has been coughing nonstop.
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How is your daughter doing now?  Have you been able to settle down the coughing?  

It is hard at the beginning because there is a lot to know and understand, feel free to ask any questions you have.  

Hope your day was awesome!
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Hello Terrikatt,

It states you posted your comments 16 hours ago. I think it's time to get a
second opinion. Don't know what proair is. I'm guessing it's an asthma
medication.  Asthma as you know can get quite serious. Perhaps you
should seek medical attention for your daughter. By this I don't mean taking
her back to the pediatrician. I think you might consider going to your nearest
hospital and going to the emergency department. It sounds like your daughter needs to be seen by a doctor and quickly.   Don't know where
you live so I don't know what number you could call for an ambulance to
bring your daughter to the hospital.  Here in Ontario, you call 911 for
emergencies. I don't know how bad your daughter's coughing is, but I
suspect that the proair with chamber is not effective or else your daughter
wouldn't be coughing non stop. Don't take a chance with asthma.
I have asthma myself and I know how bad it can get.  If anything I have
suggested is helpful, I'm glad.  I wish you and your daughter well.  Eve
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