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When to use a rescue inhaler?

Okay, so if anyone has read my earlier posts, I've been diagnosed as having reactive airways (asthma/no asthma who knows?) and now using advair 250/50 and albuterol.

When do you know to use the albuterol?  My main complaint was coughing fits (up to 3-4 a night and constant during the day) and chest tightness.  I now have a peak flow and monitoring that as well, the "normals" they have for me (female, 20 years, 52" tall) is between 444-460.  At the doctors just as I was starting advair I was normally around 250-280 and now I'm up to 360-410 at home.  So should I measure the 80% and green zone now or should I wait for a bit to see if it improves?  However, I have only been measure it for a couple of days and I'm really stressed out right now because of midterms.  I believe I had 320 during my allergy appointment and the pulmonary function tests and said that I was normal (however they did find air trapping during the testing). But isn't 320 low for my size?

I have little fits of coughing (only 5 mins or so) and my chest is a little tighter than it has been but I'm still reaching 350 on the peak flow.  Should I use the albuterol if any symptoms come up or only if I drop below 80% on the peak flow?

Also, I had defintely realized that stress really affects my breathing, but I'm having some troubles with marks here in university so everything is ten times more stressful than it was at the beginning.  Anyone have any good ways to lower anixety (especially in regards to tests)?  I'm in third year of bachelor of sciences and if I don't raise my marks up then I can kiss my dream of being a vet good bye, easy anixety to lower? no way!
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I have been diagnosed with asthma myself.  I take Singulair oral medication.  I have Albuterol for a rescue inhaler, which I don't use all the time.  In other words, I have to remind myself to use it when necessary.  I don't use a peak flow meter, although I probably should.  

I wouldn't obsess with using the meter that much.  I would talk to your doctor about the problems though.   Also, try to relax a little bit.  I've found that if I stress to much, my asthma tends to flair up more.  
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You should stop worrying about taking "peak flow" readings and use the albuterol whenever you feel you need it. Stop being obsessed with "readings".

Your doctor should have prescribed ipratropium bromide. Use the albuterol to open the airway, and three minutes later use the ipratopium bromide (Atrovent).

Use the albuterol only when your symptoms come up, because the airways can become less responsive when this medication is over-used, and you want it when you need it.

And follow the instructions, of have someone in an asthma clinic review them with you. Exhale completely, take a puff, inhaling as you do so to the limit of possibility, and hold your breath until you can't hold it any more.

Patients have varying degrees of sensitivity to albuterol sulfate. Some people get agitated, and others, it hardly bothers at all.
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You really should ask your doctor these questions. These are not things to be taken lightly. Use rescue inhaler when you feel that is necessary and that is every time you feel that your asthma is not controlled well with controller medicines (advair) and you experience sudden shortness of breath, difficulty moving, coughing caused by asthma which does not stop for a few minutes, especially chest tighness and pain. Although peak flow measuring is important, everyone is different in that sense. Asthma patients should measure their personal best as 100% (before taking advair when you are feeling best regarding asthma symptoms) not average of the healthy people charts. Also if you are weaker built (bone and muscle size, your lung volume is lower than people of same size and weight - it could be up 80 points lower for women - but remember healthy women). Red zone is 50% lower of your not somebody else's personal best and is indication of asthma seriously worsening, then, you should contact your doctor and possibly go to emergency and definitly use rescue inhaler. I hope this helps.
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