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Hi, I am a 43 year old female and was put on Advair over 1 yr ago.  I have never had any Asthma attaks but was
having tightness of breath and feeling i wasn't getting enough air and could barely walk.  I never had any allergy or Asthma problems my entire life.  After i was put on Advair my breathing problems became worse.  I started having
more problems with my health.  I couldn't breath out of my nose and i constantly had a drip down my throught.
Spasms all over and squeezing like a rubberband around my chest.  My ears began ringing and of course headaches
and feeling depressed not like myself.  I pretty much have all the symtoms but the one that botherd me the most wasi
Shingles. My instinks kept telling me that it was the Advair that brought it on.   I knew it when i found that Advair surpresses your amune system and i found that it has brought on major illnesses and death.  I have been off Advair
for 2 days and already feel better and like my happy self is coming back.  I got off Advair a  2 months ago and also
started feeling much better but into the 2nd week i got the shakes and racing heart and woke up in the morning with a
tramendous head ache none i ever had and went back to lay down, awhile later i went to get up and tried to walk and
got very dizzy, cold and fell and hurt myself.  My mom called 911, i came out of it and slowly got my senses back.  I started having panic attacks and my bronchel tubes where getting hard to breath so i started back on Advair.  I am going to get Flovent to replace it if i need it but i am really trying to get off all medications, eating better and living a
healthier life style!!!! I don't like all these scary painful side affects i will do what ever i have to, to stay away from Advair.  GOD BLESS If anyone had any information about getting off and withdrawls it would be greatly appreciated!
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I have had asthma since I was nine years old, and I am now 42. I CAN NOT take Advair, it almost killed me. Not all asthma medication are good for every asthmatic. In my twenties, Serevent started to cause me problems and I had to stop taking it. A few years ago, my asthma got out of control, and my new doctor prescribed me Advair. Every time I took it, it impaird my breathing dramatically. Thank God my doctor changed my medication. I couldn't understand why I reacted so bad to Advair until I learned that Salmeterol was another name for Serevent.
Talk to your doctor to change your medication, trust your instincs, and live a healthier life, it well help you in the end. When you find the right medication, your asthma will be under control and living a healthier life will ensure that it stays that way. Also,knowing that you have a medication that helps you breath when you can not might help you to not have panic attacks.
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While it is possible that the Advair® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) could have had something to do with your developing shingles, it is very unlikely.  The risk of death you mention is a very, very small risk.  Advair® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) is generally well tolerated by most people with asthma but more than a few side effects have been reported, especially with the dose that contains the highest amount of fluticasone.  If you can do OK with your asthma, you are wise not to take it.  But, if you need it to control your asthma you should ask your doctor for the dose that has the lowest amount of fluticasone.  It is also possible that some of the symptoms you describe, such as headache, shakes, racing heart, were caused by the other ingredient in Advair® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) called Serevent® (salmeterol).

Many of the symptoms you describe occur with panic attacks and are relieved by leading a healthy life style.  If that alone doesn't control the panic attacks, there is good, effective medicine for treatment of panic and you should request it from your doctor.
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