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asthma and tachycardia

Dear doctor
I get attacks of both asthma and tachycardia. How safe is it to use asthma inhalers, or are they better avoided?
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In part, the answer to your question is dependent upon the type and severity of the tachycardia.  Your doctor should be able to clarify that and answer the question of safety vs. avoidance.  In addition, only one type of inhaler called a beta agonist, which comes in a short-acting and a long-acting form, can lead to tachycardia or other abnormal heart rhythms.  If what you have experienced is simply a rhythm called sinus tachycardia with a rate not much over 100 beats per minute, there would be little or no danger, especially if you have no underlying heart disease.

Other medicines that can control your asthma, which should be a priority, and not cause tachycardia are inhaled steroids and a class of medicines called leukotriene inhibitors, such as Singulair® (montelukast sodium).  You should discuss these with your doctor.

Good luck.
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Thank you for the advice. I have started using the steroid inhaler, 200 mcg, once a day. The asthma seems under control now. For how long should I continue with the inhaler?
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which inhaler are you useing , i hate to use them because of heart flutters /fast heart beat.
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