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bleach causes blisters on and in nose

Every time I am around bleach I get sick. I start wheezing and within a day or two I get blisters on and inside my nose. I also have really bad chest pains. I havent been back to a Doctor for this problem for several years because the last one I went to just told me to avoid bleach. Sometimes it is impossible to do that. A lot of stores use bleach to clean the bathrooms. I have started looking for a job a few days ago and already I have been exposed to bleach.What can I do?
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That even mild exposures to bleach cause you to “start wheezing” suggests that your asthma is not under control, thus making you more vulnerable to the effects of this irritant.  You should work with your doctor to achieve optimum asthma control.  This may require the regular use of an inhaled corticosteroid.  This could reduce the reactivity of your lungs to the bleach.  Your description also suggests that the lining of your nose is hyperreactive.  This might respond to a quickly administered nasal steroid, following exposure to bleach.

Good luck.
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