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cough varient asthma

I was reading earlier about this cough varient asthma what is it? is it asthma where you cough instead of wheeze because that is what I do and the ER nurses and docs dont really beleive me that I am having an attack just becuase of the lack of wheezing and it is kinda of frustrating what should i do to help them understand that I dont wheeze
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When I was growing up every year (around the beginning of winter) I would have a couple of months of cronic coughing mainly at night. It drove my parents crazy keeping them awake. No cough suppressent would work. For about 15 years this stopped happening. Its back with a vengeance.
A couple of yrs. ago just before x-mas I got a bad cold that seemed to last all winter long. I chaulked it up to the full time job i had just started in an elementary school, this being a petri dish for germs.
Last year the same thing happened. Doctors said asthma I said thats not what i have and waited it out. Coughing for aroung 5 to 6 months. Sometimes I was not able to go to work sometimes loosing my voice completely. Finally it subsided. Until Dec. 3rd. 08. First it was just mild cold symptoms, everyone around me, my daughter and husband all seemed to get it at the same time. By x-mas my loved ones where better but I was not, I lost my voice for x-mas. Around the 15th of January I said enough is enough so to the urgent care i go. At this point i had thought i had a sinus infection so I was given 10 days of antibiotics and codeine cough suppressant (which does not stop the cough, I'm just asleep through my coughing). The antibiotics did not change a single thing at all. In fact my whole body is sore and week from coughing all night long and having anywhere from 4 to 10 coughing fits through-out the day. This is very inconvenient for working in and around food especially. At the beginning of last week i went back to urgent care feeling super unhealthy like I'm loosing the battle. The physician there took a x-ray, no sign of problems there. The day before I went to the docs I took claritin for the first time to see if this cough is an allergy. The doc says it shouldn't have but I swear that it made everthing worse.  He sent me home saying I don't see anything we can treat it's probably a virus that will run its coarse. Sinse when is there a virus that has a coarse that is 2 months or more long?
Today I'm so fatigued that I started using something they gave me at the clinic to control the asthma I wouldn't accept I might have. So far no change but at this point I really hope it's asthma I have at least for that there is meds. to control it. I'll let ya know what happens.
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