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curious to know if marijuana and symbicort is bad together

i smoke ciggarrettes and on occasion some pot and have asthma i know its very bad for me and was told if i dont do something its gonna kill me so i am quitting the ciggarrettes. will be starting on champix and will be done with ciggarretes in 2 weeks but i was told if i take ventalin and smoke pot it could kill me and i currently take symbicort and ventalin (salbutamal sulphate) but i asked a nurse about if i was to smoke sum pot one day if i didnt take the ventalin all day would i be ok and she said yes but i would like a professionals information so my question is it ok for me to take symbicort and smoke on occasion? i already know in general pot is bad but would symbicort be counteracted by the pot in any way. and i was wondering if i take champix and quit smoking i was told that if i take a puff of a ciggarrette after my quit date it would all be over and id have to re start the start champix pack all over again so i was wondering if i dont smoke any ciggarrettes after my quit day but on occasion smoke pot would the drug take it as a ciggarrette or would it matter because i know they are alot alike
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I believe pot can increase your heart rate and symbicort defintely can (I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest sometimes when I was on it) so I wouldn't take both together if you can avoid it.  

There aren't always studies on the affect of illegal drugs on medication so it may be safe and it might not.  To err on caution I would not smoke while on any medication.  

It would be the best for your lungs not to smoke anything and not to inhale any smoke.  The pot may still become an irriatent and trigger for an asthma attack.
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Hi. I was looking for similar information except my situation is different. Im a medium smoker (for 9 years now) and smoke a joint every night (4 years). I take symbicort once in the mornings (9 years) and smoke about 14 ciggs per working day (after im high ill only have 2 cigarettes in 4 hours). I have asthma and mild chronic bronchitis. I know that my bronchitis is caused by my smoking, and fueled by my post-nasal drip. Its really just fluids. Chest x-rays showed healthy lungs, and diaphragm/lung capacity/breathing tests said everything was better than normal.

In the mornings i sometimes have a puff of my symbicort first, then immediately go out for a cigarette (I know, I know).  I take the symbicort because my lungs feel tight. The thing is that since i started smoking weed daily, i have never had a proper asthma attack (they were severe when i was younger).

I know im killing my lungs which is why i am taking drastic measures to quit cigarettes. (zyban)

But what i really want to know is, what are the chances that i will encounter complications in the future if i go completely straight edge from now?
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The substances in marijuana act as mild bronchodilators, and in fact marijuana cigarettes were sold seventy years ago to treat asthma. I am not advocating an illegal substance as a treatment, however there is a positive side to the situation.
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