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dry cough-9 months

im 29 yrs old and i've had a dry cough for nearly 9 months now and sadly none of the doctors are able to diagnose what it is!! started severely-took linctus as prescribed and nothing hapenned. doc precribed 2 different set of antibiotics but still nothing happenned. had a asthma pump but still no differencex-ray all clear after 4weeks of waiting.now waiting for a hospital appointment 8 weeks away.
cough is mainly from throat-no sickness of mucus discharges at all.. happens randomly anytime...
could someone help me plss
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I had this four months ago. I haven't had an x ray yet. The first doctor said it was bronchitis. She gave me flixotide but it didn't work. It was so bad I felt as if I was going to die. the linctus didn't help and after going to a private doctor he diagnosed me with asthma (based on the fact i was previously diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma and some wheezing) and nebulized me.
The cough has never returned.
The tightness in my chest has returned though and sore, painful throat. It is because of this I  will return to the doctor in an attempt to see if I have pneumonia, bronchitis or something horrible.
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Do you also have acid reflux by any chance? Amazingly sometimes people with a chronic dry cough have acid reflux which triggers the cough. If everything else turns up negative, it might be worth a look. You can have it and not really have terrible symptoms of heartburn I guess. That is one question I get asked sometimes regarding a cough. Just a thought - best wishes for getting to the bottom of your symptoms.
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