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heavy salivation during attack

Hi!  I have recently been diagnosed with asthma with all the classic symptoms: shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough etc.  However I have noticed that whenever I exert myself in exercise whether its running or dancing (im a dancer), I start to salivate very heavily.  I get the tightness in my chest and the shortness of breath, my throat will hurt, i will start coughing, and my mouth will start to get filled with clear fluids that I would think is saliva. I will then be spitting out these fluids for atleast 45 minutes until the attack has passed.  I told my pulmonary specialist about this and he found it to be bizarre but didnt feel the need to act on it except monitor it.  I feel a little confused and I dont understand why this is happening.  Does anyone know or see any kind of connection?
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I have asthma too and experience something similar. Its like I have to cough for the duration of the attack to try and unlodge mucus from my airway. During this time I have to spit a lot and it lasts until the attack is over. Not fun at all, but necessary to get through the attack. Personally, I do see the connection. If you are trying to dislodge mucus from your airway the body has to get things going via that direction, hence the saliva? Perhaps that's oversimplifying things? I'd love a more medical explanation if anyone out there has one. I'm sorry you are experiencing this - Its not ok. I'd love to hear if this happens to others and what they do about it.
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that is exactly my problem too! when i wake up in the morning, i spend 30mins trying to get the mucous out. it is to the point is it coming down from my sinus or my throat. then same thing happens in the evenings. now the other day went to a baseball game and walking from one end to the other, in the wind, in the shade, hot and humid out (live in florida) i could barely catch my breath. i wish i knew what this was from. i go thru tissues so much. i am always coughing up mucous it seems.
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You seem to have exercise induced asthama. Before I can go ahead and prescribe you the right medications, can you tell me how many attacks of asthama do you get in a month? What all medications are you using for asthama?

Meanwhile, you can have 1 tablet  of deriphylline sustained release in the morning after breakfast. Please consult your family physician, as you go ahead with any medications prescribed by me.

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I, too, experience that.  Whenever I feel short of breath or my chest feels tight or something, my mouth always fills up with liquid (saliva maybe?).  I then have to cough to try to get everything out.  I find it happens more (everyday, even when I don't have an attack) whenever I have a cold, which is at least once a month (I have one right now ... not fun !!).
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I am a chronic asthmatic, have been since age two, and I have the salivating that was described by several of the above where I have to constantly spit to clear my airways. However, more recently, I have had as you mentioned, what I can only describe an uncontrollable discharge of saliva. The first time this happened, I was hospitilized due to hyperventilating from shortness of breath. Come to find that that time, I had in fact NOT had asthma but panic. I was diagnozed with symptoms of severe anxiety having had such a panic attack. This had me cross, confused at what was really asthma and what was panic, but even with true asthma now, that constant flow of saliva is possibly panic connected. At that point, there isn't a treatment unless you wish to be medicated with anxiety meds, and it just ***** that you drool all over yourself when you get an attack. However, do consider anxiety. Symptoms vary in every person, but I typically have numbness or tingliness in fingertips and toes, shakiness, and occasionally dizziness. Hope I could be of some help. :-)
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i think i know a fairly simple answer. i have sports induced asthma, as well as hyperventilation when i have a panic attack, and i find that, while i’m panting with my mouth open, it’s filling up with spit. in all honesty, thank you occam’s razor, i think it’s just because i’m so focused on getting in air that i don’t take the time to swallow. i find it happening when i have an asthma or panic attack. although, i’m quite interested in the people who say all that spit is affecting their breathing, as i generally force myself to stop and swallow before i start drooling (as usually, unfortunately, i’m in public most of the time when these attacks happen).
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