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is it safe to use vicks vapor rub everyday?

I have had asthma ever since I was little. I am now 21 and it seems like I get shortness of breath a lot lately . I use flovent everyday twice a day and I use my ventilin as needed. but you can only use the venilin 4 to 6 hours after each use. sometimes my ventilin doesn't even help. i do have anxiety and that gives me shortness of breath a lot too. i have been using vicks up to 3 times a day everyday for a little over a month now. is it safe to use it everyday? i also eat mints but mom doenst want me eating a lot of mints because of the artificial sugar.
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It sounds like your asthma is not controlled, especially if you are using your rescue inhaler every day.  Make an appointment with your pulmonologist.
The vicks vaporub is probably not going to hurt you, but it is not helping your asthma.
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My mom put vicks vaporub on my chest and under my nose all the time when I was growing up to try to stop my coughing.  It never stopped my coughing, but it did loosen some of the mucus so it was easier to cough up.  Rosemary1977 has a good point.  It doesn't sound like your asthma is well-controlled, since you're using your rescue inhaler all the time.  If you're using the vicks vaporub because you have a cold or something, keep in mind that an infection can make your asthma worse for a while.  Whether or not you have a cold, you should still see your doctor about stepping up your treatment to get your asthma under control.
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Prob a unique and diff way to self med is. Read about marijuana effects on lungs. I have had asthma since i was 2 and im 28. My asthma was so bad. I had to go to emergency room. I use to. Suffer from waking up in my sleep and not breathing. Coughing to catch a breathe. Scared me straight. Quit ciggs after 13 and have been puffing joints for years. It will help. Its a magic herb for a reason. I havnt took an inhaler for 5-10 years almost. Blue flovent. Had the orange and the purple disc. Bs!!!!!!!!!! Natural remedy will always work better. Peaaaaaccceeeee out!
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Physiotherapy, with its emphasis on movement, helps a person suffering from asthma to get moving, and as you begin to move, the lungs receive more air. An asthma therapy program is graded to suit the person’s physical condition. As your physiotherapist, we will educate you on the disease and the importance of maintaining a healthy level of activity. Your oxygen level and heart rate will be monitored during exercise so you needn’t worry about something going wrong.
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Try and figure out your triggers as well.  Do you normally need your inhaler at school? at work? or at home?  

Is the environment overly dusty? animals present? what about food allergies?  

It may be worth well to look into allergy testing or food trials to determine if anything may be causing your symptoms.
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