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itchy throat, coughing when i breathe in

so for the past week, I have been having this itchy feeling in my throat right underneath my larynx. I am having coughing fits every few minutes and every time I breathe in deeply it triggers a coughing fit. it is a dry cough for the most part with a little bit of phlegm, but I am also having on and off cold symptoms (runny nose with clear mucus, sneezing). some of the coughing fits have gotten so bad that I have not been able to breathe and almost thrown up. it doesn't seem to be getting better with time and I am getting tired of coughing. what could this be?

other factors:
*the day before this all started, I was having an argument with my boyfriend and we were screaming at each other and I strained my voice from screaming. I don't know why this would last for a week though.
*I also have a recurrent ear infection in one ear that I noticed came back. this may be a factor.
*I noticed that it clears up a lot more when I am outdoors than when I am indoors. but it comes back in any indoor environment, whether it's my room, or a classroom, or any other building.
*I have no history of allergies.

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You might have developed allergies (very possible at any age - I would guess dust mites or mould for being worse indoors) or inflammation/irritation of the throat.

You might have been fighting a cold and the stress of the argument both lowered your immune system to become a little more symptomatic and caused a bit of inflammation in your largnyx.  I would rest your voice for a week or so, drink plenty of fluid and get lots of rest.  Your immune system should be able to fight it off.  If it's not better within another week or so or gets much worse, a doctor's visit should shed some more light on it.  

You also could try an OTC allergy med and see if it makes a difference; yes = probably new allergies, no = probably safe to say it's not allergy based.
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