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my 17 months daughter was just diagnosed with asthma
after taking an allergy test which was positive for grass and pollen/dust. She has had cough nearly soce was borned . Its hard to diagnose asthma at this age  but according to the allergy test she has 80% chance. The consultant has prescribed 4mg poweder of montelusktas to be taken once a day . i know that i should follow the doctor prescription but i would like to ask the comunity personal experiences advices.
1- do you think its too early to give montelusktas to a 17 month old?
2- i read montelusktas can cause nightmares?
3- are natural remedies that can  be use and helps to came doen the sizling in the night o day ?
4-do my doughter have to take this medicine every day for the rest for her life?
5- anyone has had  atsma since the very young age any advice please?

Sorry in advance if some question sound obvious but this is just a concerned father that want his young daught to live has healthy as possible.

Thank you in advance to anyone will give advices .
Bets regards
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