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tonsil stones

Are tonsil stones bad? Why do we get them.
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Hi, I have never heard of stones in tonsils. I've heard of kidney stones and gallstones, but never stones in tonsils. I wonder if your tonsils are so hard that they feel like stones? Tonsils shouldn't have stones or feel hard, so please go to your physician and get this checked out. You might need to have them removed. Good luck, Judy
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tonsil stones are just a collection of food particles and bacteria.  They stink and are annoying but not bad.
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Thanks Tammy for the clarification. I've never heardof tonsil stones.
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I too suffer from this.  I've used toothpaste and oral rinses by Dr. Katz, called therabreath. About $10 per tube.  You can buy it online.  It has decreased the amount of tonsil stones I get but I still get them every few days. If you do nasal flushing on a daily basis that will help as well.
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Here's a website I found:


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I was recently in the hospital with pneumonia and they dicovered something abnormal in my lungs, they did all kinds of test on me they could not find out what it was. They said it may be valley fever. I would like to know if any one else has this and what are your symtoms.
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Hi, I have been suffering from bad breath for about 6 months... I have tried every possible treatments but they didn't work finally An ENT doctor noticed that I have these tonsil stone she called them debris they are white substances stuck on the throat and when they get out from the tonsil they smell horrible I can tell you!!!
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