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Cerebellar Ataxia

Hi Everybody

Im new to this site and not quite sure how it works,but am giving it a go.
I believe that i have had Ataxia since a very young age but only been properly diagnosed approx two years ago age 61yrs.
My question would be this:- All my life i have struggled with various health issues including Depression and Anxiety,would anybody know if theres a link between Ataxia and Depression and Anxiety and is there anybody out there with similar problems?.

Thanks jsimmo
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Thanks Once Again For Your Reply

You certainly have done your Detective work
Will take on board what you have said.
I guess we just have to take each day as it comes and soldier on.

Did have MRI scan and i only remember them saying something about me having fluid on the brain.

Wishing You Good Luck
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Also...I had all of my mercury amalgams removed from my teeth by a dentist trained to do this safely. Mercury poisoning resembled my symptoms, too.

Yes, I had a TON of detective work to do to rule out causes of the symptoms.
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To answer your first question, one of the ways there is a link between ataxia & depression is gluten & other grains. Gluten & grains don't have this effect on everyone of course. I don't have the research handy, but search the internet for "gluten ataxia."

I am sensitive to gluten & grains. I gave them up for at least 8 weeks. I still suffered from ataxia and depression (and sometimes anxiety). I/we searched for years to find a cause for my symptoms and to rule out causes (such as autoimmune, movement disorders, lyme, chronic candida, neurofibromatosis, ME/chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia; deficiency of vitamin B12, zinc, B6, E, TIA  . . . any of those seemed possible culprits)

It turns out that the cyst in my brain (in the pons) was causing my symptoms. We were hoping it was a different cause (even the neuro surgeon) After the cyst was drained, my symptoms gradually eased.
Some of my symptoms were what you expect w/ataxia: poor balance & coordination. Plus:
- blurred vision (intermittent) & convergence insufficiency (problem focusing up-close)
- nystagmus
- weakness on one side of body
- twitching
- swallowing issues
- slurred speech
- poor hearing in one ear
- aphasia
- cognitive deficits (executive functions, word finding...)
- exhaustion
and others...

Did you have an MRI with negative results? Is that why you're being told the ataxia is probably hereditary?

I wish you well with diagnosis and treatment. I hope they can pinpoint the cause of the ataxia.
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Hi Thanks For Reply
I am under a specialist for Ataxia and also a neurologist.
The only thing ive been told is that it could be an inherited problem.

One of the Main Symptons i have is VERY POOR Balance and Co,ordination.
I have Anxiety issues and they are now telling me that Ataxia could also cause this.
I also have a problem with my Vision ,They have named this problem as something called Nystagmes and also they have said this Ataxia could be the cause of this problem too.

So basically they seem to be saying that All my Health Issues are Linked to having Ataxia.

Do you suffer any of these problems??

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Did dr give you an idea what is the cause of your ataxia?

What other symptoms do you have?
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