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Lumbar puncture???


Has anyonehad a lumbar puncture? What was it like? Did it hurt? Was it painful afterwards? How exactly can it help?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm terrified of all things medical. I find that if I know whats coming I can manage to deal with it! So many thanks in advance for replying :)
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Hi Bionicme,

I know it has been awhile, but if you are  looking I hope you will post   and let us know how you aare doing now.
Did  you have your cheeckup appt with your doctor and was there decission oon aan LP?

I hope you are doing well and would love for and update.
take     care, amo
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good day bio,

I can see whyyou would be apprehensive about this having had fusions.
When you seee him too make sure you talk it all out. Mkae your list of questions and concerns so they get answered. That wway your decision is the best one for you.
I know so me of these things aaare hard ,even when you know they are the best for your health.

If he can not offer sedation  and (i   am missing mmy word now! ) the type that  guides them when  they iinsert the needle...you may want to ask for referal to somewhere that can accomodate your specific needs.
May be they could even  offer for you to  be put under not just   relaxants .

Keep us posted what is happening. Be well, amo
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My doctor who is treating me has only mentioned the lumbar puncture as a test if everything else has been tried (well the less invasive tests). So I am not booked to have one. I do have an appointment with my doctor which has been brought forward, so I am thinking maybe this test is what he wants to discuss... All I want to know is what the test is like before and after?? I'm really not looking forward to making the decision as to have it or not. As for my physique I am 5'3'' and only 7-8 stone. I've had a spinal fusion too which makes the thought of my back being touched and hurt almost unbearable :s the only reason I might consider a lumbar puncture  is to try to ind a reason/treatment for my ataxia! As for why my doctor may want to do a lumbar puncture, to measure the fluilds which may help him come up with why I have ataxia and may lead to a treatment.  
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Glad to see you  here.

I saw you post to another i nquire  and  you mention you have some type of Cerebeellar Ataxia.
Did  your doctor say why they want to examine your spinal fluid?
I would ask their reason for the procedure. Maybe  to rule out any infectious caused to your C.A. ?
Do you have a movement neurologist? ( many questions, i know!)

I have had two L.P., months apart, done sometime ago. They ran th em for dx'ing m.s.,,  whiich my docs believe I do have. But  I also have some form of C.A. unrelated to the m.s..  

That been said, My taps  were very easy and uneventful. Depending   on the doctor , will depend how  it is handled.

I happen having mine done   by my neuro right in his office. He was very experienced and did a fine job. We chatted the whole time .He did not use the imaging they can use, like ex-ray to guide, but many places use that.
I would not want to offend, but a persons physique can sometime come into play. My docr just said it was easy for him that I am leannn and finding the right spot was easy.

When is  it schedule?
It is completely within your right to know   what their procedure ahead of time.

I   lay on my side, He just numbed my back and I felt very little . After the vials were complete, I just had to lay still for 1/2 hour  before I got up. We had drive n far so I lay in the back seat, then when getting home I rested    on my back most part of a couple days. It was a good excuse to been pampered!
Fluids and rest.

My  back was barely tender.
Drinking plenty of fluids, some people recommend caffene that may eleviate headaches after.
If you are feeling aprehensive, ask for something to calm your nerves (valium or such).

I hope this has helped some. If you have more questions be sure to ask.
take good care, amo
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