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ASD Less Than 3mm What Has To Be Done?

Dear Doctor,

I am a father of 1.5 years old daughter. My daughter was detected an ASD less than 3 mm (heart murmur) through an echocardiogram, when she was 6 month old. Her present health condition is quite normal as such there in no sign of too much sweating or breathlessness, she is very playful and active. (Her weight must be around 11.6 kgs.)

I want to know how much time the hole will take to get closed completely, as the doctors in India have suggested that
this usually get closed between a time span of 2-3 years depending upon the size of hole and health condition of her. But, I am little worried as there is a something which concern me a lot i.e. In year 1997 I being the father had undergone open heart surgery for ASD closure with less than 8 mm (age must be around 14 yrs.). So are there any possible chances that my daughter ASD won’t get closed on its own?

Kindly suggested me as to what has to be done in my daughter’s case. We parent are bit confused?

Thanks for your understanding..!
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Hello I know dis s old post bt plz tell did ur baby's asd closed naturally?
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