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ASD in the Heart-Please advice-Urgent

Dear Experts,
The below report is of my Baby (premature 34 weeks) born on Sep05,2014.
Mitral Valve: Normal
Aortic Valve: Normal                                           MACS: 0.5 Cm
Tricuspid  Valve: Normal
Pulmonary Valve: Normal
Left Atrium: 0.7 cm
Left Ventricle: EDD: 1.2 cm, IVSD: 0.3 cm           EF: 65%
                     ESD: 0.8 cn, PWD: 0.3 cm
Right Atrium: Normal
IVS: Normal
IAS: Secundum ASD size: 3 mm.
Aorta: 0.9 cm
Pulmonary Artery: 0.9 cm, reverse flow in MPA, by color but not by Doppler.
Pericardium: Normal
Pulmonary Veins: Normal

Doctor's Impression:
Moderate Secundum ASD
Left to Right Shunt
Good LV, RV Function
Requires Follow-up

Please suggest me what is the condition of my Baby. Does he requires any surgery???
We were told to come for check up again after 3 months

Thanks in advance!!!
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Hello did ur baby asd closed
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Hello did ur baby asd closed
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